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Hijab Dress Up and make Up


Begin this design game Hijab Dress Up and make Up by choosing a solid color for the head wrap - you can literally choose any color you want. Then choose the style of the hijab and you can have it in a solid color of your choice, or choose one of the twelve prints available. The next step is to customize the woman who's hijab you're designing, choose her skin and eye color as well as some make-up. The last step is the dress-up part and after that one, she is ready to face the day!Discover some of the Hijabe blue dresses, bright pink tops and lovely layered miniskirts and bright purple or green over-tops, high-heeled summer sandals and candy-colored jewelries gathered for you in the 'Hijab Dress Up and make Up' game! Have this cute model girl try your favorite clothing and accessory items and find out the best combinations for you to flaunt during the great days!